Mama, are you ready to fast-track feeling like yourself again?

Are you ready for more joy, ease, and fun? And to know what to do in the hardest moments of momlife?

The Mama Simpatico Village is a virtual community of moms committed to living their best lives. Here you can learn, practice, make mistakes, laugh, cry, be real, and really be seen.

You can absolutely make progress on your own, yet communities are where the most profound and meaningful transformations take place. Community is the single best way to build new practices and change habits... which are essential to creating the lives we want. It takes a village to raise-up a mom.

Come join us and see for yourself!

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You give to others all day long and don’t have time for yourself. Using time to care for yourself feels like the lowest of priorities, selfish, or even impossible.

Trust me, caring for yourself within the chaos of momlife is amongst the highest of priorities, the most beneficial thing you can do for your loved ones, and 100% possible.

Mindfulness gives you support every single minute of the day and will allow you to finally feel like the mom you’ve wanted to be. You don’t have to spend hours meditating to get results. Plus, within the Village, mindfulness can be learned on your schedule (like when you’re washing dishes or waiting in the school pick-up line) and kids or chaos in the background is 100% OK (because we all get it).

And if you’re feeling burnt out, struggling through your days, and need something to change, learning and practicing mindfulness in a community of other moms who get it too is the fastest way to find more joy and ease.

Hi, I’m Lacie.

I first started meditating to manage the stress of being a full-time working mom with an infant. It helped bring some ease to my postpartum depression and anxiety.

It was after my second daughter that I really leaned into, not just meditation, but every wellness-for-moms practice I heard about. I put into place as many practices as I could: exercise, therapy, supplements, asking for help, sleeping (when possible), reaching out to friends, etc.

In managing my wellness "to-dos," I was busy. This was the springboard for the Motherhood Wellness Planners. It all helped.... I was able to keep myself from dipping into postpartum depression, but my anxiety was off-the-charts overwhelming. Therapy was helpful, but not enough and I didn’t want to take medications because I was nursing (...and well…anxious even about the safe ones).

One particular afternoon, I felt paralyzed by my worries and desire to be a good mom. I felt like any choice I would make in handling my responsibilities would be wrong, even detrimental, and I had no clue how to move forward. I turned on Daniel Tiger for my girls, went to my bedroom, and listened to the “Dealing with Difficult Moments” meditation by Dr. Elisha Goldstein. I felt a little better and I could take the next step in my day. I didn’t know it at the time, but this meditation guided me through self-compassion, a key piece of mindfulness.

Self-compassion wasn’t even part of my vocabulary at the time, but I kept leaning on this meditation in hard moments. And I kept learning about how mindfulness could support my experience and desire for more joy and ease in momlife. Mindfulness taught me what I needed to know. I began to practice meditation more and bring my practice off the cushion and into my real life. Finally, I joined a mindfulness community and my ability to live mindfully improved drastically.

Today, I feel like myself again…better actually, than before I became a mom. I have the tools and skills for seeing any situation with more clarity and handling my stress, anxiety, and responsibilities in more healthy and helpful ways. Because I found mindfulness after becoming a mom, life has more joy than I’ve ever imagined and I know I can handle anything that comes my way.

My passion for sharing about the gifts that mindfulness offers us moms led me to earning a Mindfulness Teacher Certification.

And I am excited about supporting busy, loving, and stressed moms like you, in living your best life as a mom, through practicing mindfulness.

You can feel more joy, ease, 

and rest in knowing that

your imperfections are OK.

What can you find in The Village?

  • 24/7 connection with other moms through the feed and chat features
  • Daily themed conversations through the feed
  • New topic every month, designed to specifically help mamas manage momlife through mindfulness
  • Downloadable resources that go along with the monthly topic
  • Access the zoom link to join any or all of the Live Practices**
    • Two types of Live Practices: 
      • "Topic Practices" are structured practices related to the Mom School weekly podcast episode and monthly course
      • "Momlife Check-ins" are open formatted and a place to share experiences, process challenges, celebrate joys, and connect
  • Live Practice replays for the Monthly Topic Practices (video and audio options)
  • Monthly Topics archive to learn from at your own pace
  • Q&A for integrating mindfulness through the feed and chat

**Village & Live Practices membership level

Want a peek inside The Village?

There are two different monthly Village memberships:

The Village

The Village 


Live Connections



Supplemental resources and daily network feed conversations to help you integrate mindfulness and the monthly topic which is aligned to we the Mom School Podcast

Each month & week is unique and may include: 

extended show notes


printable posters


Talkables (family friendly ways to share your learning with your family).

Live Connections:

Several virtual live connections opportunities are offered each week through Zoom and more on are the way.

Guided Practices are live connections structured around a specific topic related to mindfulness in momlife. 

Momlife Check-ins are live connections with an open structure for sharing experiences, processing challenges, accessing support, and developing connections.

24/7 community access through the feed and chat features

See the Live Connection Schedule

Access to the Open Momlife Check-in which is a virtual support group for moms & the weekly schedule varies by month 

See the current schedule here.

Everything included in The Village is also included at this membership level.

Access to previous monthly topic archives: materials and live teaching replays


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